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Songwriter JeHan

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"This eternal young man whom Claude Nougaro called" The Cathar cowboy " Nickname that fits him like a velvet boxing glove I give you his name Keep it in mind JEHAN". Charles Aznavour


At the end of the 90s, France discovers the rocky voice of JeHan which makes the words bead in emotion with his album Dimey Divin.

His moving interpretation of the poetry of Bernard Dimey is also hailed by people in the trade, and to name only him, Nougaro will write: "Thank God, the race of great performers, the Montands, the Piafs, the Mouloudji is not off. "

JeHan steps onto the living scene of emotion and if the heart is the muscle of love, ah! What a beautiful athlete! "We find Leotard and Ferré at his place, we think of a Tom Waits and although he comes to us from the song, he is certainly more rock than many of those who claim to be.



  • La Vie en Blues - 2011
  • À la croque au sel - 2008
  • Le Cul de ma Soeur - 2006
  • L'envers de l'ange - 2004
  • Live for Dimey - Made in Toulouse - 2001
  • Les ailes de Jehan - 1999
  • Dimey Divin - 1998
  • Paroles de Dimey - 1996

Compilations and participations

  • Compilation Paysâme - 2006
  • Hervé Suhubiette : Quartier libre - 2006
  • Compilation "Toulouse en chanson" - 2006