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Classical guitars Pierre Lelièvre Series

Pierre Lelièvre is fully committed to Prodipe Guitars

Pierre Lelièvre (accroche)


" Dear fellow guitar teachers, guitarists, and friends,

This brand has truly captured my interest for several reasons:

  • First: the quality of the instruments I’ve been shown is extraordinary, starting with the very first PRIMERA. Moving up through the range, the sound of the STUDENT is every bit as good as some far more expensive Spanish models. And the RECITAL and SOLOIST series are genuine achievements!
  • The second reason for my interest in PRODIPE GUITARS is the brand’s philosophy. Maintaining uncompromising quality while trying to lower prices: again, I’m 100% onboard! PRODIPE GUITARS has a strategy that really pays off. Both students and accomplished guitarists can enjoy access to exceptional instruments for very affordable prices.

But I was also persuaded by their ongoing collaboration with Yao Hanson, one of the greatest Chinese luthiers. A man who makes craftsman guitars played by the world’s greatest soloists. This partnership is really exciting, and all of my own recommendations have been taken into account as well. Nothing has been left to chance, from the types of wood selected to the blueprint designs.

I’m with PRODIPE GUITARS all the way! "

Pierre Lelièvre

Pierre Lelièvre 2

A classical guitar prodigy, Pierre Lelièvre has received a host of accolades: Prize for Best Interpretation of the Mandatory Piece at the Antony International Guitar Competition in 2012 for “The Delights of Jetlag " (R. Dyens), 4th Prize at the Robert J. Vidal International Competition in Barbezieux in 2009, and 1st Prize at the 2010 Ceyzériat National Music Competition ...

He gives regular recitals in France and around the world, particularly with the Eclisses Quartet. He is also a regular guest of the Radio France Group (France Musique, France Culture …) for live concerts. Lelièvre is also a teacher at the Claude Debussy Conservatory in Paris.