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Logo Prodipe


Prodipe Guitars, it's story of guitarists who decided to upset the received ideas. Find all the news of Prodipe Guitars brand that offers products of incredible quality at prices never equaled at this level of professionalism.

|GUITAR| Our SD200 in very good company!!


When the very media and talented Amir plays on our SD200 acoustic guitar (Kopo Series)

|GUITAR| When the immense Thierry Pontet tests our ST80RA VW guitar


“Bravo Prodipe for this very well tuned guitar, easy to play, which sounds, for an unbeatable value for money!! Cheer !... "

|GUITAR| Sublime photo of our 5-string bass in the hands of Fifi Chayeb!


"Sublime" photo of our 5-string bass in the hands of the "Magnificent" Fifi Chayeb!

|EVENT| The Giants of Rock, TT1 mics and ST80RA Vintage White on stage


When our ST80 RA Vintage White Guitar finds itself in the hands of the giant Thierry Pontet, in (...)

|BASS| JB80MA Sunburst on stage with Michael Jones...


Our bass on stage with Michael Jones in the hands of the very, very talented Christophe Tof Bosch!!

Our Ukulele BC320 in honor with the very talented Gilles Guérif


The very talented Gilles Guérif travels light…