Logo Prodipe

Logo Prodipe

Electric guitars

PRODIPE GUITARS follows the pure tradition by manufacturing models which are perfectly descended from the pioneers and the legend of electric guitars.

A single path in the manufacture of our ranges: sincerity and generosity.

  • Sincerity for all our guitars; we take particular care in the choice of wood and the craftsmanship. We also use old-fashioned varnishes for the traditional BLACKS and SUNBURSTS, as well as deep, warm CANDY REDS.
  • Generosity in the fitting out, both the accessories and the electronics: factory-mounted ALNICO V pickups and SAVAREZ 9-46 strings are standard on all our models.

Can you guess the price? 

A miracle? No!

Expertise? Yes...

PRODIPE GUITARS conceives its guitars with top-class luthiers and draconian specifications, with total respect for the legend of the electric guitar.

PRODIPE GUITARS does not work with a distributor. From the factory to your shop, without middle-men. Add to that our low fixed costs and savings of millions in communications, and you will arrive quite naturally at products with an exceptional quality/price ratio.

Come along... join the legend.

Be proud of your guitar