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Logo Prodipe

Electric guitars

Many brands too often reduce the quality of their entry-level instruments to push you towards their middle and top-range products.

PRODIPE GUITARS does the exact opposite, seeking out the best configurations at the best prices.

Just one receipe for the production of our product ranges: honesty, generosity and tradition.

  • Honesty: all our guitars receive scrupulous care in wood choice and craftsmanship.
  • Generosity in materials, both in fittings and electronics: ALNICO V pickups and SAVAREZ Electric Hexagonal Explosion mixed 9.46 strings are factory-mounted on all our models.
  • Tradition: the PRODIPE GUITARS STs and TCs are the only guitars on the market at less than €400 to be manufactured with a 9.5-inche radius (shape of the fretboard)!

Our secret: bringing together the best talent with a rigorous set of technical specs and cutting out the middlemen.

The result! Our guitars represent the best value for money on the market and are comparable performance-wise to others brands’ models costing three times as much.

This is our commitment!