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Couv Soloist 700 - Guitarist Acoustic Unplugged Janvier Avril 2020.jpg

Soloist 700 test bench

Soloist 700. More than perfect?

The Soloist 700 belongs to a price category which leaves no room for error. Made with solid woods, this guitar opens a new chapter in the catalog of the French brand. A fanfare opening?

WE LOVE: everything!

  • Violin making: 10
  • Playing comfort: 10
  • Acoustic sound: 10
  • Value for money: 10
Couv ST2HRA Guitarist & Bass

ST2H RA test bench

ST2HRA. She sets fire!

The ST2HRA has a certain form of originality which gives it a special place in the Electric Prodipe series.

  • For who ? The beginner and the experienced guitarist looking for a cheap "do-it-all" model
  • Value for money: 10

"A little bomb" according to Guitarist & Bass


"There is no mistaking it, the GS is indeed an economic copy of the SG, moreover very successful."

  • Value for money: 9
  • We like: lightness at the service of sound

2020 Guitarist & Bass Buying Guide


The SD27 MHS selected by Guitarist & Bass


"It is an" all mahogany ". [...] The power is appreciable, the workmanship very beautiful."

  • Value for money: 9
  • We like: the manufacturing, the handle, the sound temperament

2020 Guitarist & Bass Buying Guide

Couv GA Guitarist & Bass

Great electro performances

Student CT EQ

"Designed for the stage and" electro "performances".

  • Value for money: 8
  • We like: the electro services

2020 Guitarist & Bass Buying Guide


"A" real "Tele Butterscotch for less than 230 euros!"


"A" real "Tele Butterscotch for less than 230 euros!"

  • Value for money: 9
  • We like: the seriousness of the violin, the neck, the sounds in the Tele spirit

2020 Guitarist & Bass Buying Guide



New ST2HRA: 10/10


"The French house offers here a genre that is very little practiced by the competition, well played. The ST2HRA is a guitar with the most traditional lines and totally associated with an electric incorporating 3 single-coil pickups, or a variation of 2 single / 1 double, for an ultra-versatile model."

     Value for money: 10
     We like: the price / quality ratio

2020 Guitarist & Bass Buying Guide

JMFST83 ASH-face

ST83 ASH: sound versatility, quality of microphones


"Super-versatile, the ST83 ASH is a handsome" guitar-to-do "sold at an ultra-attractive price."

  • Value for money: 9
  • We like: the sound versatility, the quality of the microphones 

2020 Guitarist & Bass Buying Guide


ST Junior: a model for all guitarists.


Because a junior guitar is too often considered as "toy", the Prodipe Guitars teams had a special attention for this model!

Guitarist & Bass Buying Guide 2020

SD25 Studio

SD25 on www.muzykuj.com

Prodipe SD25 is a budget guitar, which is a much more accurate choice than a guitar from a supermarket. It is a leap for light years both in terms of performance and sound. If you are looking for a guitar for your child, or you decide to take off with musical pleasure, then SD25 will not ruin your budget and it will be a great instrument to start.

Récital 300 - Guitare classique

The Recital 300 in "Classical Guitar"

Founded very recently, the Prodipe Guitars brand offers nearly a dozen nylon string models to its catalog. Displayed at 389 euros, the Recital 300 represents the mid-range of the series "Recital"