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Logo Prodipe

Bass guitars

As with its range of electric guitars, PRODIPE GUITARS has tried to recreate perfectly the identity of the original models.

A single path in the manufacture of our ranges: sincerity and generosity.

  • Sincerity for all our basses; we take particular care in the choice of wood and the craftsmanship.
  • We use old-fashioned varnishes for the traditional BLACKS and SUNBURSTS.
  • Generosity in the fitting out, both the accessories and the electronics: factory-mounted ALNICO V pickups are standard on all our models.

We have two series in the range:

  • In the J. Bass Series, the ALNICO V kit enables us to recover the sound of the greatest and best known bass players: Jaco PASTORIUS, Marcus MILLER, Victor WOOTEN...
  • The P. Bass Series gives you the true sound of rock, and is without doubt one of the most eclectic sounds in the world of bass guitars. As many bass-players say: "the sound of a type P model is the heart of the mix!"

Can you guess the price? 249 euros!

A miracle? No! Expertise? Yes...

PRODIPE GUITARS conceives its basses with top-class luthiers and draconian specifications, with total respect for the legend of the bass guitar.

PRODIPE GUITARS! Be proud of your bass.