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Acoustic guitars

Starter Series

The quality of a prize-winning acoustic guitar cannot be brought down simply to its look, it must be the fruit of a strict conception and judicious choice of materials. Unfortunately one often finds guitars with a seductive aesthetic but with no 'guts'.

To produce high quality acoustic guitars in this price-range, the luthiers of PRODIPE GUITARS had to overcome a number of challenges.

  • Find the right types of wood at reasonable prices, with first class tonal qualities.
  • Marry these woods judiciously so that their intrinsic qualities complement one another.
  • Maintain a very high standard of assembly and finish: neck, bracing, fingerboard, frets, varnish...
  • Refuse to compromise the tonal quality of the instrument: balance, precision and power.

Our only object is to make you proud of your PRODIPE guitar - whatever your budget.

Fine Wood and Solid Fine Wood Series

Two ranges of impressive guitars which 'punch above their weight', both with perfect sound, meticulous, uncompromising craftsmanship, strict quality control of the finish, and remarkable comfort and playing.

Depending on your budget and preferences, these two series will enable you to acquire an instrument fitted with:

  • Either a SOLID FINE WOOD soundboard, a "certainty" in the guitar world, recognised for its faultless production of high quality, balanced sound,
  • Or a high quality laminated FINE WOOD soundboard which we guarantee will perform just as well.

Just trust PRODIPE GUITARS and your ears!