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Fred Kopo joins up with Prodipe Guitars

When I met Jean-Luc MASSON and Alban LEVANNIER, I quickly saw that although we had followed different paths to get there, we had the same vison of what a musical instrument should be today: a balance between tradition and innovation, simplicity and relevance. 

I have made hundreds of guitars since the late ‘80s, but a guitar maker can only produce 10 to 20 guitars a year, and they are inevitably expensive. Some professionals or enthusiastic amateurs can pay that kind of money, but for a wider audience that’s obviously not possible. 

PRODIPE GUITARS has given me the opportunity to make my work accessible to many more people and I can tell you that I buy into that philosophy....

Design has always been my passion and it’s what drives me on in my job as a “guitar creator”.

The barring of a sound board, the shape of a body, the weight of a neck or a head: all of these are technical points where design enhances sound quality.

Having free rein to revisit and select a range of instruments produced for all guitarists is a challenge I’m delighted to take up. And following that, coming up with several models featuring even more contemporary sound and visual designs: now there’s a challenge that really motivates me!

Thanks to PRODIPE for giving me this opportunity!”



PRODIPE’s mission statement is very simple: to create excellence at the best possible price. To achieve this, there are no mysteries but instead a single voice: bringing together the top talents to work on one project. It is an honor to work with Fred KOPO. He is viewed as one of the greatest French guitar makers. A skillset along with extraordinary acoustic knowledge that he is today placing at the service of PRODIPE GUITARS.



Fred KOPO in brief…

Looking at, or just glimpsing one of his guitars, even from a distance, brings with it the certainty that this is not a guitar maker like any other but a different and rarer being…

Move closer and then look more closely at one of his guitars and you will inevitably find yourself in the presence of the elegance, style and charm of a singular beauty…

Touching one of his guitars as you pick it up means feeling, at a very instinctive level, the warmth, generosity and value of highly sought-after sound and materials.

Frederic PONS, known as FRED KOPO, is one of those priceless people who loves life with a capital L. He is open to others, always willing to listen to those around him and his creations spring from his human inspirations, from a very deep place…

He is an intransigent lover of nature, and indeed of the world, an unconditional lover of music and sound, a passionate artisan and a veritable artist. This incorruptible guitar maker has only one aim, to step up to the mark and cater to the needs of guitarists.

ATELIER KOPO was founded in 1988. Since then, Fred has continually produced models that are all unique in their style and leave no-one feeling indifferent. Models that challenge people. Models that are a source of wonder. Models that bewitch people as soon as they play them. Several artists such as MATTHIEU CHEDID, Richard BONNET, Michel GENTILS, Arnaud LACARTE, Valérie BARRIER…. have become ardent fans of the instruments produced by Fred KOPO.