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Our guitars have been designed to meet the needs of musicians. And that's why so many performers, teachers and music schools have taken the decision to use our products every day. They have embraced the PRODIPE GUITARS philosophy and signed up to the Prodipe adventure. 

  • Guitarist - Composer Bruno Dias

    Composer of the title "Dimanche soir" of Grand Corps Malade, he released in 2020 his first single "Le temps court"
  • Guitarist Carl Egger

    Leader of the band "Chromatik", he founded in parallel the electro rock group "Elephant Tone" ...

  • Guitarist Clément Garcin

    A passionate jazz guitarist, he founded his own trio, the Sweet Swing Trio, with which he regularly performs throughout France…
  • Guitar teacher Eric Ménard

    Guitar and choral singing teacher at L'ATELIER arts school in Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez
  • Guitar teacher Filipe Miranda

    Teacher and Founder of the ROCK N'ROLL ACADEMY, Nevers (France)
  • Bass Guitar teacher Fortuné Elfort

    Bass Guitar teacher, Saint-Hilaire de Riez Music school
  • Guitar teacher Giovanni Rouberty

    Guitar teacher at Music'Attitude (France)
  • Guitar teacher Jean-Eudes Boulay

    Professional guitarist and founder of the Guitare Gimmick School at Les Sables d'Olonne
  • Bass player Jeff Corallini

    Recognized in France for accompanying an impressive number of artists on stage...