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Guitar teacher Nathan Gaumont

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Nathan started playing the guitar in 2007 at the age of 14, initiated by his uncle who has been a guitarist for several years.

He is already immersed in music with his family, and has the chance to discover very early the groups AC / DC, Gun's N Roses, ZZ Top, Nirvana and Metallica which had a very great influence on him.

He began to strum on his own and with the help of his uncle before joining the UNIS-SONS music school in Conflans Ste Honorine (78) in 2008.

He mainly studies electric guitar, but also folk guitar and music theory.

At this time, he founded his first rock band Dark Summer with his sister on bass and a friend on guitar, which would later be renamed Venice Story.

Like many young musicians, they play songs from The Ramones and Nirvana in their garage!

For his part, he continues to practice his instrument for several hours a day.

At the end of 2009, his childhood friend joined the group as a drummer, they started rehearsing in a studio and the concerts started.

Failing to find a singer, Nathan began to sing in the group and in 2011, he took collective singing lessons in a cultural space near Plaisir (78).

After high school, he was admitted in 2013 to a private audiovisual and live performance school.

He is taught sound, light, studio recording and electricity.

The same year, he embarked on his activity as a guitar teacher and gave lessons to a few students while continuing his training.

In September 2014, he auditioned for the position of rhythm player in a 80's Hard Rock band called Ice Crime and was selected.

After obtaining his versatile technician diploma in 2015, he set up his own business and worked full time as a guitar teacher.

He launched on Youtube in 2016 under the nickname "Drakster" with the program a channel dedicated to guitarists (educational videos, covers and gear advice).

Currently, he teaches in a small area of ​​Yvelines (Poissy, Villennes-sur-Seine, Triel-sur-Seine, Achères and surroundings).

He continues to share his knowledge with passion and progresses in his stage experience with various musical projects.