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Guitar teacher Yohann Moreau

  • Obviously, when you start to learn you must have a real instrument.

    Sometimes students start with guitars which have nothing of a guitar but the shape. Products with no sonority, no workable neck, no precision, no finish; it's really a shame.

    PRODIPE GUITARS' PRIMERA model, while one of the cheapest in the market, is capable of producing a sonority that is quite simply exceptional. Thanks to very careful craftsmanship and a well-designed soundboard, this guitar has a precise sound and offers beginners easy, comfortable playing.

    As the student progresses, he or she will become very attached to this guitar, and it will continue to hold a symbolic place as his or her first instrument even after he has bought other, more demanding models.

  • This PRODIPE GUITARS STUDENT range is as unusual as it is impressive!

    I continue to suggest or recommend these three models to all my beginner and more advanced pupils; both their craftsmanship and their finish are not only impeccable, but undeniably worthy of the greatest brands in their category, but at prices which are astonishingly reasonable and attractive!
    Whether we talk about the PRODIPE GUITARS STUDENT, with its warm sound and great precision, its supple fingerboard, excellent, perfectly balanced playing comfort, well maintained sound in the high notes and great depth in the bass; the STUDENT EQ with pre-amplifier offering perfect sound reproduction with matching dynamics and grain; or the STUDENT CT EQ with the cutaway which, without reducing the depth of the bass notes, is a great help in reaching the high notes for solos, these three guitars are sure to win universal praise...

    With the STUDENT CT EQ, the electric guitar player will not be hindered by a large body, while the acoustic player will appreciate its balance!

    So I say a big "YES", I recommend the PRODIPE GUITARS STUDENT SERIES which, I am sure, will satisfy everyone's tastes completely.

    "It's what teacher says!!!"


Yohann Moreau is a 39-year-old self-taught guitarist. He was trained in music from a young age at the conservatory, with the piano at 8 years old. Encouraged by his parents, he enjoyed a musical environment throughout his youth.

At 17, he began to take an interest in the guitar, his guitarist father taught him the first rudiments. He quickly developed a passion for music with a very eclectic musical culture.

He spends many hours practicing the guitar, his HQ: the open stages.

From there he multiplied the meetings, Didier Chorin, David Soufflet, Arnaud Bernard, Gabin Chabirand, Jean Louis Suscheter, Thierry Morel, Alain Nascimento, the Dioz group and many others. He plays in several local groups including Talawash, Yoda, Furious Funk and Just 4 the groove.

Then, his passion guides him towards teaching and he gives himself the mission of helping his students to discover, in turn, the guitar and the ukulele.

After a few years at home, he decided to create Guitarissimo in 2013, which works in a current music school: ALL MUSIC.