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ST Junior: a model for all guitarists.

ST Junior

Because a junior guitar is too often considered as "toy", the Prodipe Guitars teams had a special attention for this model!

Here is the article dedicated to this novelty by Guitarist & Bass magazine (translation):


ST Junior FR

"In the catalog of the French brand, this guitar is a" junior "model and not mini. Very well made, nicely finished, it sports a delicious Fiesta Red color, plastic accessories in a" retro "way. Weak point of reduced formats , the accuracy is here very appreciable. The handle is well shaped, its profile is exemplary and will ensure a comfortable positioning of the fingers still clumsy. Serious, the mechanics hold the agreement very well, and the vibrato is also "as on that of Dad" !

In terms of microphones, this Junior is a real catalog of stratovar universe, it gives us very realistic and highly credible samples. Let it be said, this guitar is a great success! At this price, you have to go for it !!

  • Value for money: 10
  • We like: the excellence of this achievement at all levels linked to a remarkable achievement highly recommendable. "
ST Junior - GA Guitarist & Bass 2020

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(in french)