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New ST2HRA: 10/10


"The French firm offers here a genre that is very little practiced by the competition, well played. The ST2HRA is a guitar with the most traditional lines and totally associated with an electric incorporating 3 single-coil pickups, or a variation of 2 single / 1 double, for an ultra-versatile model.

Prodipe chooses the channels of a pair of double coils. These microphones produce balanced tones between roundness, power, and aggressiveness, depending on the position of the selector, which has 3 positions. Too bad the microphones are not associated with a split, the sound offer would have been increased tenfold.

In the meantime, we have a very good rock and pop guitar, whose green color alone would already be a real incentive to buy. The painted head further adds to the aesthetic appeal and strong personality of the very successful model. Well done !

  • Value for money: 10
  • We like: the price / quality ratio "

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(In french)

ST2HRA - GA Guitarist & Bass 2020