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Acoustic guitars

Exceptional value for money!

For more than 20 years, almost all the big brands have largely delocalized their production to Asia. If you don't have budget issues, you’re spoilt for choice: legendary products of great quality that continue to make us dream! Unfortunately, this isn't the case for their entry-level guitars, which are often far from meeting the standards of their renown ...

Because the quality of an acoustic guitar accessible to the general public isn't just about looks! Because it needs to be the fruit of rigorous design and a scrupulous choice of the materials used to achieve a perfect sound: this is the PRODIPE GUITARS committment!

  • To reasonably-price types of wood that possess first-rate tonal qualities.
  • To an extremely high level of craftsmanship and finishing: neck, bracing, fretboard, fret bars, varnish...
  • To the quality of the instrument’s tone: balance, precision and power.