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The SGA100 CEQ honored by Guitarist & Bass magazine


Prodipe hits the mark with its Grand Auditorium 100 Electro which presents the qualities usually found on guitars three times more expensive.



It is not uncommon to meet a good guitar, but the Prodipe SGA100 CEQ pushes the level very, very high!The model has an unparalleled design homogeneity in this price category. It is necessary to go very seriously in range and price to find elements of comparison.The SGA100 CEQ can be compared with no problem to much more expensive guitars. We look forward to the all-massive folk announced at NAMM 2018 by the French firm. If it is the same, it will be a real delight.


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Couverture Guitarist & Bass Avril Juin SGA 100 CEQ - Guitarist & Bass - Avril Juin 2018