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The Recital 300 in "Classical Guitar"



The elegant

Founded very recently, the Prodipe Guitars brand offers nearly a dozen nylon string models to its catalog. Displayed at 389 euros, the Recital 300 represents the mid-range of the series "Récital by Altamira" [...]


At a glance, you can see that the Recital 300 is very aesthetically coherent. [...]

Flexibility of play

When taken in hand, the Recital 300 perfectly fulfilled its function of study guitar. [...]

With a public price of 389 euros including tax, the Prodipe Recital 300 pulls out of the game in a tariff segment where competition is tough. No doubt with an instrument with sound acoustic behavior, a neat and easy handling, this guitar will seduce many apprentice guitarists. To try to be convinced. "  


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Couv Guitare classique Mars-Mai 2018 Récital 300 - Guitare classique