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Prodipe Guitars, c'est une histoire de guitaristes qui ont décidé de bouleverser les idées reçues. Retrouvez toutes les actualités de la marque Prodipe Guitars qui vous propose des produits d'une qualité incroyable à des prix jamais égalés à ce niveau de professionnalisme.

Discover our new catalog


Discover our new collection of classical guitars, supervised by Pierre Lelièvre!

The SD25 on www.muzykuj.com


Prodipe SD25 is a budget guitar, which is a much more accurate choice than a guitar from a supermarket. It is a leap for light years both in terms of performance and sound. If you are looking for a guitar for your child, or you decide to take off with musical pleasure, then SD25 will not ruin your budget and it will be a great instrument to start.


The Recital 300 in "Classical Guitar"


Founded very recently, the Prodipe Guitars brand offers nearly a dozen nylon string models to its catalog. Displayed at 389 euros, the Recital 300 represents the mid-range of the series "Recital by Altamira"