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Our guitars have been designed to meet the needs of musicians. And that's why so many performers, teachers and music schools have taken the decision to use our products every day. They have embraced the PRODIPE GUITARS philosophy and signed up to the Prodipe adventure. 

  • Songwriter JeHan

    At the end of the 90s, France discovers the rocky voice of JeHan which makes the words bead in emotion with his album Dimey Divin
  • Bass-player Jimmy Top

    In 2020, he joins the legendary band MAGMA alongside Christian Vander...
  • Guitarist Jordy Bohbot

    State Diploma in Contemporary music, professional guitarist - Paris (France)
  • Guitar teacher Manu Nicoletti

    Guitar teacher at Chateaudun (France)
  • Bass player Mattéo Casati

    CER Paris Musiques actuelles - Professional musician
  • Guitarist Michel Deshays

    Guitarist, but also author, composer, director and performer.
  • Guitar teacher Mishaël Trigalet

    Guitar and contemporary music teacher in the Community Music Schools of the Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées conurbation and founder of the Grat&Scale school at Lourdes.
  • Guitar teacher Nathan Gaumont

    Professional guitarist and guitar teacher in Les Yvelines (France)
  • Solo guitarist Pierre Lelièvre

    Solo guitarist - Member of the Quatuor Eclisses
    Master at CNSM of Paris
    First prize at the Ceyzériat national competition for best interpretation of the set piece at the Antony International Guitar Competition in 2012
    Teacher at the Claude Debussy conservatory (Paris).