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Bass player Jeff Corallini

  • When I play a bass in a professional situation, it has to answer everywhere! Otherwise I'll throw it away!

    I can say: the Precision Bass 80RA (French therefore), sounds everywhere !!!

    Efficient and balanced on all the range, all the neck: whether from the bass to the treble, we hear all the notes... 

    In the past to acquire a quality bass it was necessary to look at the big models that cost very, very expensive!

    Today, thanks to PRODIPE, this is no longer the case. 

    I'm impressed, and I'm amazed. 

    This bass, I do not throw it, on the contrary, I GUARD IT! 



We're not introducing Jeff CORALLINI anymore!

Bassist, bassist, since 1977, singer, composer, teacher.

Recognized in France for accompanying an impressive number of artists on stage: among others, Natasha St-Pier, Patrick Fiori, Catherine Lara, Dave, Richard Anthony, Jeane Manson, Régine...

He also performs with his quintet the "Jeff CORALLINI Group", the rock trio "FREEBIRD", the eastern music trio "MASELTOV", the blues rock quartet "LEZARDS MARTEAUX", the vocal jazz duo "SIMPLE DUO".

Bassist and vocalist in the Variety Orchestras since 1986: among others, Alan Flor , Guy Icard, Shanghai, Claude Normand, Chrystelia Orchestra, Gérard Sinclair, Ark-en-Ciel, Trocadéro, Méphisto, Raymond Echeverria, Evening Dress...

Participating in numerous studio projects he also recorded several jazz fusion albums: in 1992, he released his first C.D Jazz-Fusion as a composer/performer: "PARTAGE" produced by the LABEL NIL Records. The second will follow in 2006: "KALISTOS" distributed by Herculmusic, then "ICE - WOOD" in 2016...

A teacher since 1981 and currently the pedagogical director of the Monteux School of Music, he has been practising a very large educational activity throughout his career.

Today, he is working on his next album and focuses on his own many projects.   

to be followed...