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Bass player Rosaire Riccobono

  • This Jazz bass Prodipe JB80RA VW "Vintage White" is light, I can play for hours without feeling tired, the handle is very nice, it fits perfectly to his group.

    The sound is Top! It sounds as expected .... it's a Jazz Bass. I love the Vintage White color.

    This is my main bass for all concerts with my band "Rockets" in Italy.

    Excellent value for money. I am very satisfied with the JB80.

    Prodipe is listening to the musicians! What more asking for?


Rosaire Riccobono studied harmony, bass and double bass from the age of fifteen, with one of the best double bassists of the Paris Opera.

He works with various artists: Vivian REED, Nancy HOLLOWAY, Jean-Luc LAHAYE, DJamel ALLAM, Rachid BARI, NICOLETTA, François VALÉRY, Suber BEBOP, Anny GOULD, Roger GUÉRIN's Big Band, the SANTIAGO Group (opening act for Johnny HALLYDAY at Parc des Princes). He toured several times in Italy with the French group ROCKETS and took part in recordings (three albums gold disc and one platinum), etc.

Various artists contacted him, among others: the group VISITORS (records sold in more than fifteen countries), the group SQUATTERS (Rock FM - 45,000 records sold). This group performed in the first part of Catherine LARA's show, during two French tours.

Several tours in Europe with the American singer Vivian REED.

He has collaborated on various shows with exceptional stars including: Dizzy GILLESPIE, Phil WOODS, Bob CRANSHAW, Don ELLIOT, Jimmy OWENS, the PERCY-HEATH brothers, Stan GETZ etc.

His favorite bassists: Anthony Jackson, Jaco Pastorius, Marcus Miller, Nathan East, Tony Levin, Sting.

Future projects: the RICCO brothers album.