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Guitarist - Composer Bruno Dias

  • I use the PRODIPE STUDENT EQ guitar. I have long searched for an amplified nylon string guitar that is faithful to the sound of the acoustic guitar. I didn't expect to find my happiness in this price range.

    The guitar is comfortable to play, the neck is nice and easy to play. It has beautiful natural harmonics and a good responder. On this guitar it is quite possible to play melodies with several voices while keeping a nice definition of each one. What appealed to me was being able to play hard without slamming the strings. This is a guitar that I recommend not only to my students but also to my fellow musicians.

    When I tested the PRODIPE STUDENT EQ guitar on an amp I was impressed with the purity of the sound. What convinced me was being able to play parts in tremolo or rasgueado without losing the definition of the sound.

    Since I tested this guitar I have taken it on all my amplified live. I never thought I would one day perform in shows such as "On n’est pas couché" or the broadcast news on France 2 channel with a guitar at this price but in terms of classical electro guitar it clearly does the trick.


Bruno Dias graduated with a Master of Concert and then a Master of Music Education from the Geneva High School of Music.

An eclectic musician, he performs solo, with various chamber music formations in a repertoire ranging from classical music to rock to Latin music.

Composer, he performs his music in various dance shows such as creations of the company Tenseï, a group of junior ballet of Geneva and the hip hop company Wanted Posse. He also composes for various artists in pop, hip hop, electro etc... and for movies.

He composed the songs "Dimanche soir" (number 1 of the single single itunes France) and "TEnsemble" present in the album "Plan B" of Grand Corps Malade. As well as the title "I give you my word" present on the reissue of the album "Plan B".

He has won several awards such as the Casino Barrière de Montreux's Talent and Creativity Award, Meyrin Municipality Merit, the Friedl Wald Scholarship and the Fritz Bach Prize. Bruno performs in different countries such as Switzerland, France, Italy, Portugal, India, USA etc...

He is currently a teacher of classical guitar and introduction to contemporary music for guitarists at the Geneva Conservatory of Music.

In 2020, he released his very first single "Le temps court" ... so to follow...