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Guitar teacher Eric Ménard

  • I was immediately seduced by the Prodipe Guitars range of nylon instruments; in particular I use the Soloist 500 and the Student CT EQ. They are surprisingly light, and they really are comfortable.

    I love the quality of the varnishes and the finish. After the first contact, this comfortable feeling is confirmed once you start to play. The neck, which is flatter and narrower than in "traditional" Spanish guitars, makes it very easy to play.

    But make no mistake - this lady-like instrument has plenty of character if you attack more strongly or play more energetically. The Response is immediate, the harmonics are very much present and there is good balance between high and low notes right down the neck.

    The Student CT EQ gives the same feeling, with a pre-amp which "does the job", giving a sound in electric mode which is faithful to the guitar, warm and bright.


Guitar and choral singing teacher at L'ATELIER arts school in Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez (France).