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Bass player Mattéo Casati

  • Playing mainly rock and pop as I do, the PB80 RA model is more than a must!

    In the PB80 RA I have discovered a reliable, versatile, warm instrument.

    The finish is superb. For me it is THE reference for a first instrument and a long time after. It is the starting point of a bass-player's career.

    The only mystery about this bass is the price! Amazing for this comfortable neck and tremendous pickups. The first time I played it, I though they were pulling my leg! The price is just incredible!

    PRODIPE GUITARS are for me.

    A brand with a different approach, but a brand which will delight a huge number of bass-players. These instruments really sound fantastic...



Matteo began playing music at the age of 6, thanks to a musician father, and learned the trumpet at the conservatory. Then he began to play the guitar on his own, observing his guitarist brother.

It was only later, at the age of 18, that he discovered the bass and joined a group in his high school. This is the heart stroke!

He then studied at the Atla school for a few years, then entered the Paris Regional Conservatory in Amplified Current Music, bass specialty, a course in which he will have the chance to work with high-level teachers and participate in large-scale projects. ("Juliette et le Philarmonique" at the Théâtre du Châtelet, "Concert / Match" at the Philarmonie de Paris for Euro 2016 ...).

At the same time, he assembles several groups and participates in many projects, in very varied musical styles, such as Le Quartier Libre (hip-hop), Mary May (reggae / soul), Jessie Lee & the Cat's Shoes (blues / soul) , Zoxea (hip -‐ hop), François Staal (French song / rock), Jean Menconi (Corsican song), Northern Lights (rock) ...

He performs on many stages in Paris such as the Olympia, the New Morning, the Boule Noire, the Cabaret Sauvage, the Divan du Monde, the Bellevilloise, the Bus Palladium, the Chapelle des Lombards, the Reservoir, File 7, FGO - Barbara, and abroad as at the Celtica Valle d'Aoste festival (Italy), at the Mase M'Enchante Festival (Switzerland), at the ODTU Rock Festival (Turkey), or even at the Dutch Harp Festival (Pays-‐‐ Low).

He also recorded the soundtrack of the series "A Livre Ouvert" (France Télévision / Crystal Records) composed by François Staal, as well as numerous EPs, clips, singles ...

Currently he performs regularly with the group Soul Legend (soul / funk), and with his group Nobody's Cult (rock) in which he composes and arranges part of the repertoire. He also works closely with singer Lena Woods (the Voice) for the co -‐ composition and arrangement of his songs.

Finally, he takes part in the monthly evenings of "La Petite Ecurie", a collective organizing jam sessions and concerts at the New Morning, as resident bassist.