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Logo Prodipe

Professional bass-player Jimmy Top

  • Nowadays there almost no more barriers in music!

    Mixture, diversity, curiosity are the key words... Following this logic, unfortunately, most manufacturers offer an ever wider and more varied selection. So you get lost in the mass - if not drowned! You don't know what instrument to choose, or why....

    But luckily some do not go in for this selection system, but remain simple and effective.

    PRODIPE GUITARS have understood this perfectly...

    When I first tried their J. Bass and P. Bass series, I immediately thought: 'If only I had had the chance to start with an instrument of this quality at the same price!'

    For all those bass-players who are looking for an instrument with character, at an unbeatable quality/price ratio, I have just one word of advice: Go out and find this bass right away, it's just waiting for you!