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Guitarist Carl Egger

  • I have discovered the PRODIPE GUITARS range and I want to talk about the ST83.

    The Alnico V  pickup kit is both traditional and very powerful. This guitar has power! It's tremendous! Finding this type of pickup in this price range is quite surprising.

    What's more, the finish is really top quality, the neck is very comfortable, and it gives me vibes immediately.

    I recommend this guitar to beginners and well-established players.

    It is a good, affordable guitar which I recommend to all my pupils.

    PRODIPE GUITARS are for me."



Carl Egger discovered his passion at the age of 5 thanks to a musical awakening course at the Conservatoire de Vincennes. At the age of 7, he began playing classical guitar in the same conservatory.

At the age of 11, rock attracted him and led him to a private school where he learned electric guitar.

Proceeding from project to project, he started at 18 in a BTS sound profession, then at 20 he joined the American School of Modern Music in jazz guitar.

After joining the Conservatory of the 9th arrondissement of Paris and the CRD de Montreuil, he decided to devote himself fully to his music.

He had to take on the roles of guitarist, composer and leader of "Chromatik", guitarist and composer in "Elephant Tone", guitarist and composer in "Meaning Of Tales", teacher at the Rock School in Paris, and composer of commercial and film music.