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Guitarist Vincent Fabert

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Son of trumpeter Patrick Fabert, Vincent Fabert grew up in an environment which naturally pushed him towards music quite early on. His first instrument will be the piano, which will allow him to learn the basics of music from the age of 8, and it is a little later when at the age of 15 he finds an album by Led Zeppelin that is born his love for rock and for this instrument which will never leave it: the guitar. After spending a few years in the electric guitar class at the Rambouillet Conservatory, Vincent began to take an interest in jazz and decided to devote himself fully to it, in order to open new doors in his approach to the guitar. He then took private lessons for a year with the jazz guitarist Frédéric Sylvestre, who taught him the basics of this music. Then, in 2011, he joined the jazz class of the Conservatory of the 13th arrondissement of Paris, where he will have the chance to continue his discovery of jazz guitar with Manu Codjia.

Finally, he continued his career within the Specialized Cycle Music Actuelles Amplées of the Regional Conservatory of Paris, from 2013 to 2016. Very dynamic training and established in the professional network, he will have the opportunity to take part in several rather unique experiences; like sharing the stage with Marcus Miller for the International Jazz Day in 2015, playing in concert the music of the homage project to Janis Joplin by Franck Tortiller (under his direction) in 2015, or even joining Michel Fugain's group for the time of a concert at the Pan Piper in 2016. There he also met guitarist Jean Michel Kajdan, who will share with him his professional experience and his approach to modern blues guitar.

It was also at the Conservatory that he met singer (and also harpist) Lena Woods, bassist Matteo Casati and drummer Amine Ouazzani, with whom he founded the group Nobody's Cult in 2015. Starting from their common influences (Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, QOST, NIN ...) they develop together their own universe within their compositions, alternating between heavy riffs and sophisticated melodies, introspective texts and unifying refrains. Because if they know how to send strong and without concessions, they also like to make their music travel through soaring atmospheres and aerial phases. And the contribution of the electric harp played by singer Lena Woods undeniably brings something unique to a rock group, which allows them to explore new horizons.

Although Nobody's Cult is his main project and at the heart of his artistic activity, Vincent likes to multiply experiences and new encounters, and thus occurs occasionally in other groups.

He accompanies the singer of Nobody's Cult on acoustic concerts under her name Lena Woods (also known for having been quarter-finalist of The Voice 5).

In another style, he is the duo of guitarist / pianist / arranger Marc Demais on musical shows for children of the Duo Domitille and Amaury. He accompanies them among other things on their tour in South Korea in 2015, at the Salon du Livre Jeunesse 2015, and on twenty dates at the Ranelagh theater in Paris in 2016 with the show "Simple comme bonjour". He is the only musician on stage for these shows, alongside the two actors / singers, and performs on acoustic guitar.

As an exceptional experience, he was called in 2015 to perform as a soloist with the Lamoureux Symphony Orchestra, on the occasion of a series of concerts at the Grand Rex to the soundtrack of Tim Burton's films, with the highlight of the performance on stage by the composer himself, Mr. Danny Elfmann. All under the direction of American conductor John Mauceri.

In addition to his artistic career, Vincent also teaches guitar contemporary music at the Conservatory of Villiers-Le-Bel, and within the School of Music Artistic (Paris 3rd).