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Guitar teacher Jean-Eudes Boulay

  • The TC80MA has all the characteristics and style of a solid body guitar, but with a real bonus in the ashtray bridge and the power of the pickups (particularly the neck pickup). The neck is perfect, neither too big nor too fine, very easy to play.

    It is a really versatile guitar with great presence and power.

    For an incredible price.

  • I have been using the Student CT EQ guitar daily since 2016.

    As a guitar teacher at home, she indeed meets all my expectations. Its hybrid side allows me to use it for a rock, folk or classical repertoire. The cutaway makes it easy to to the treble. Easy to carry, light and slim, no more joint pain and tendinitis after long days of work.

    For a rounder and richer bass sound, I also recommend to my students the Student and Student EQ models that benefit from a thicker body. For the live, the preamp/ tuner is at the top!

    I can only recommend this series!


Originally trained in the viola violin in Les Sables d'Olonne, Jean-Eudes Boulay left the conservatory to devote himself to guitar and singing at the age of 13. His passion for music and teaching led him to create in 2008 his home guitar school: “Guitar Gimmick School”. It thus trains around sixty students each year.

His strength ? Have tasted all types of education during training as a musician.

After a few years at the conservatory, he trained on the guitar with a private teacher, then continued as an autodidact for several years.

He regularly plays in groups (Daisies, JeanJean, Midnight Special, Jeudinho, Les P'tits Parisiens, Emmanuel Lesaint, ...) as a singer, guitarist or bassist.

There followed trainings in Brazil at the BSB Musical school in Brasilia then in Paris, within the ATLA School, where he perfected his teaching vocation. He notably attended the courses of Roberto Farias, Antoine Tatich, Jean-Christophe Hoarau, Renato Velasco, JB Boussarie, Laurent Colombani and Eric Gombart. He also followed studies in foreign languages. He can now sing in 5 languages!

His reference artists? Jimi Hendrix, Antonio Carlos Jobim, The Beatles, Georges Brassens, Devendra Banhart, Serge Gainsbourg, Jorge Ben Jor.