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Guitarist Clément Garcin

  • "When I was first given this guitar to try, my first reaction was to smile and say 'Ah, something's going on here'.

    I was holding the Auditorium model from the 27 series.  It was balanced, rich and beautiful,but above all it was a guitar with something special, that little something which gives you pleasure, which makes you play differently, when the guitar is not just an instrument but an accomplice.

    When I was told what the sale price of the guitar was, my reaction was to raise my eyebrows and say


    A guitar of this quality at this price, it's really hard to believe..."


Before you've even had the opportunity to listen to his music, you may be lucky enough to meet a young Clément Garcin, and it may be just a chance meeting, but the occasion will not be forgettable. If anything, it will be unforgettable. You could almost write or say about your time with Clément Garcin that it was "like recalling the past". But what and who, exactly, it's hard to tell.

One thing for sure though is that when you are with him, and no doubt at an unconscious level, there comes a vague sense of reminiscence, carried along by that common factor, that inexplicable something that makes us act a certain way when we are in front of a person of greatness.

So you want to find out more. And then all of a sudden it dawns on you.

The person standing there is none other than Gérard Philipe's grandson, the same Gérard Philipe who was an iconic French actor in the 1940s/1950s. It is not difficult to see the physical resemblance, but it's more the intelligence of the performer and a mutual respect for art that have given grandson and grandfather a common destiny.

They share the same modesty, so that even if we imagine them blessed by God at birth, they don't actually notice. They doubt their talents; they work hard; they search for direction. And Clément has chosen music.

Boasting a diploma with honours from the Music Académie International (MAI) at Nancy, Clément Garcin returned to Paris to pursue his studies with renowned teachers such as Emil Spanyi, Misja F. Michel, Serge Krief and Boulou Ferré. Being both a lover of the guitar and a lover of jazz, he founded 'Sweet Swing Trio', a group with whom he regularly tours France. He has also played in 'Edith, Marilyn, Simone and Montand', Hélène Arden's musical show, and has accompanied numerous stars from a whole range of musical backgrounds, such as Frédéric Belinsky, Thierry Cojan, Sarah Lancman, Gérard Holtz, Claude Salmiéri and Boulou Ferre.

Alongside this he has co-composed and recorded the likes of the score for 'Communication moderne', a short film, and has produced and recorded for other musicians, for example, on 'A deux faces', the album by Joshua Lawrence. Clément Garcin's passion for music has naturally brought him to Prodipe, the least expensive of the leading brands, and the brand that has pushed for more reasonable prices over the years in a bid to support musicians everywhere. If the one has 'made it', the other is on the 'right track'. To be continued.