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Solo guitarist Pierre Lelièvre

  • The first thing I felt when I picked up this STUDENT guitar was that it was comfortable in the hand.

    I found that it sounds straight away. It has a true balance, and above all it is a guitar that sings. It has harmonics which come out surprisingly well for a guitar in this range, better than I have ever seen. It is rounded, brilliant and with very good fittings from the factory.

    All I can say is that I approve it.

  • Good grip.

    The Primera is well tuned and balanced, which sets it apart from any guitars I have tested in this price range.


  • I was instantly captivated by the sound potential and the personality of this SOLOIST 900.

    Extremely responsive and powerful, exquisite to play and beautifully crafted by a luthier. For me, it’s the quintessential guitar for the experienced student.

  • The SOLOIST 700 has an astonishing projection with a full, rich sound exactly the way you want it.

    No question about it, steeped in the traditions of Spanish lutherie.

  • The Recital 200 is very close to the STUDENT model.

    We find all of its qualities, including ease of play, flattering sound and impeccable finishes.

    The glossy varnish brings a different aesthetic and a more dense sound.

  • If the RECITAL 300 is close to the RECITAL 200, it offers an even more high-end table in solid Canadian cedar, as well as a slightly different construction concerning the back which is in two parts.

    This design thus brings a warm and deep sound.

  • One of my favorites in the range of Prodipe Guitars.

    The SOLOIST 500 has a sound identity all its own, just as fun to play as the other models in the range, yet it stands out for its delicacy and sound amplitude.

    Clear, feminine sound ...


Young prodigy of the classical guitar, Pierre Lelièvre has received many distinctions: Prize for the best interpretation of the mandatory piece at the Antony International Guitar Competition in 2012 for « The delights of Jetlag » (R. Dyens), 4th Prize at international competition Robert J. Vidal at Barbezieux in 2009 and First prize at the Ceyzériat National Music Competition in 2010...

He regularly gives numerous recitals in France and in the world in particular the Quartuor Eclisses. Pierre Lelièvre is also a Teacher at the Claude Debussy conservatoire in Paris


Pierre Lelièvre 1

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Pierre Lelièvre 4   Pierre Lelièvre (Quatuor Eclisses) 3   Pierre Lelièvre (Quatuor Eclisses) 4
Pierre Lelièvre (Quatuor Eclisses) 1   Pierre Lelièvre (Quatuor Eclisses) 2   Pierre Lelièvre (Quatuor Eclisses) 5