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Guitar teacher Manu Nicoletti

  • With the PRIMERA, my first impression was of a pretty, well-finished guitar, fitted with nice pegs...

    I quickly found that the action (the height of the strings) is very low for a classical guitar, astonishingly easy to play. It has good projection, very well-balanced sound and is very precise.

    Then they told me the price and all I can say is that PRODIPE GUITARS are crazy.

    It really is an instrument for everyone.


  • I am not a TELE type user, however, I fell in love with this TC80 ASH.

    The quality of the violin is really very good, the handle is very pleasant to play.

    An extraordinary versatility, a big big sound thanks to the "microphone config" which is just monstrous.

    I like everything about this guitar. I validate it but beyond that, I love it.


Guitar teacher in Chateaudun (France)